Connection Lift Plug Valve described in detail the characteristics, advantages, working principle and method of operation

Plug valve is the valve through a fast switch, because the movement between the rotating sealing surface with a clean role, and in the fully open fully to prevent contact with the fluid medium, so it usually can also be used with suspended particles of the medium. Another important feature is the plug it easily adapts to multi channel structure, so that a valve can get two, three, or even four different channel. This simplifies the design of piping system, reducing the amount of valves and equipment in need of some connection accessories.

Connection Lift Plug Valve

Working principle.

Plug body with a hole as the opening and closing parts of the valve. Plug body with the valve stem rotation, to achieve the opening and closing action. Small no filler plug, also known as the “cock”. Plug the plug body is a cone (cylinder), and the body of the conical bore sealing surface with the composition. Plug valve is a valve using the first, simple, switch quickly, the fluid resistance is small. General plug valve seal by direct contact with the finishing of the metal plug body and the body, so the poor sealing, opening and closing force, easy to wear, usually only for low (no higher than 1 MPa) and small diameter (less than 100 mm).


Connection Lift Plug Valve widely used in oil extraction, transportation and refining equipment, but also widely used in petrochemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC industry and general industry.


1, plug valves for the regular operation, open and close quickly, lightweight.

2, plug valve fluid resistance small.

3, plug valve has the advantages of simple structure, relatively small volume, light weight, easy to repair.

4, good sealing performance

5, not subject to restrictions on the mounting direction, the flow of media can be arbitrary.

6, no vibration, low noise.

Installation and maintenance:

In the installation of  Orbit Plug Valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug, and to ensure full performance plug valves, should pay attention to the following four points:

1 to ensure that the valve is in the open state. The first pipeline heating. As much as possible to the heat transfer from the pipe plug valve. Avoid prolonged heating of valve itself.

2 the use of gauze or wire brush to remove pipe and cut, to bright metal. Steel wool is not recommended.

3 the first vertical cut along the pipeline, and finishing, deburring, diameter measurement.

4 outside of the pipe and welding hood apply flux, soldering flux must be completely covered surface. Use flux sparingly.