Features Automatic Control Valve(Pneumatic Actuator), development, selection issues and prospects

Automatic control valve is an automatic control water tank, water tower liquid level of the hydraulic control valve. When the water drop exceeds a preset value, the ball float valve is opened, the piston chamber pressure is reduced, the piston down the formation pressure, this pressure difference valve opening for water supply operations; when the water level rises to a preset height, the float valve closed, the piston chamber pressure increase the valve to stop water supply. So reciprocating automatic control level at a set height, realize the function of automatic water supply. The product is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, civil construction of various water tank (pool), water tower automatic water supply system. And can be used as atmospheric boiler circulating water control valve.

Automatic Control Valve(Pneumatic Actuator)

Work characteristics:

1 unique hydraulic control principle, automatic switching.

The 2 patent products, built-in double gear set design, used for automatic control equipment of water metering and regeneration process.

The 3 flow control, high regeneration efficiency, simple and practical, does not need the complex test and set up the program.

4 do not have power, energy saving and reduction of Automatic Control Valve(Pneumatic Actuator) and safety hazards, particularly suitable for explosion-proof requirements softening or filtration system.

The 5 major function and appearance, the control valve is a specially designed for home soft water machine, water purifier and design.

The eight cycle of water 6 of each type of valve is adjustable, so as to adapt to the different hardness of water.

Development process:

1, 70 of the last century, 80 years, China water treatment industry for water optimization equipment control part is mainly used for the control system manual class. Need a lot of personnel through the valve switching tool to control. Accuracy and maintenance of equipment mainly rely on the staff’s sense of responsibility. So the same equipment in different environment, different operation conditions, the effect will have some gaps.

2, with the China opening to the outside world, some foreign advanced technology was introduced China, in the early 90’s of last century, some foreign power automatic control valve head into Chinese, industrial water treatment industry in Chinese popularity. The valve head just after setting parameter, the water quality of the optimization process is done automatically, and it will access many water integrated in a valve head is small, the centralized control, saving space, simplifies the operation of personnel, significant cost savings for the enterprise.

3, 2010, as the water treatment industry leader, is also the first foreign multi way valve and water control valve of the introduction of China jiemingzhichen group again usher in the reform of water treatment industry. Automatic control of hydraulic drive valve successfully developed new head. This also means that the birth of China’s first do not need to use the automatic valve head of electricity. His code 206.

Selection description:

Automatic control equipment of the regeneration time and flow of two [1], the user can choose according to the following 4 kinds of configuration. In addition to the automatic regeneration, the controller also has a manual regeneration function, for the user in the super quantitative water conditions, increase the regeneration provides a convenient. Water softener and water. If used in conjunction with more economic security.

A single tank type, time control, suitable for little change in water, water time is relatively fixed, allowing for intermittent water supply place. The regeneration water for about 2.5 hours.

Two, a single tank flow control type, suitable for large water changes, allowing for intermittent water supply place, regeneration water for about 2.5 hours.

Three, double tank flow control type / multi tank flow control type, one with a prepared / a prepared with (or the use of regeneration, respectively) for a large amount of water, to the continuous water supply place.

Four, Intelligent Heavy Punch Type Hydraulic Slow Closing Butterfly Valve, single controller to control the two drinking fountains, working at the same time, followed by regeneration, suitable for the water changes, the need of continuous water supply place, having the best price performance ratio.


Equipment without foundation. But must pay attention to the following points.

A mounted at ground level, firm, a drain or drainage near the mouth, the drainage pipe is less than 6 meters and below the valve body.

Two, from the proof power socket device shall be separately within 1 meters.

Three, the salt shaker should be placed as close as possible to the resin regeneration tank, in order to make full use of salt solution. The salt should be the salt with promises of regeneration cycle.

Four, all the import and export pipeline must be independent of support, can not use the valve support.

Five water inlet should be installed, pressure gauge, filter and a bleed valve, water flow out.