Forged Steel Cryogenic Gate Valve design principles, structural features, applications, and daily maintenance

Pipeline steel cryogenic valves the main fire station for the various systems, cut off or connected to the pipeline medium. Suitable medium: water, steam and other non corrosive media. Forged steel valves and other valve products than is characterized by high temperature and high pressure, the unique self seal design, the higher the pressure, the more reliable seal. Because of the special technical performance characteristics, conditions of formation of the products can not be replaced by other product characteristics.

Forged Steel Cryogenic Gate Valve

Forged steel valves often overlooked problem of the amount of grease. Grease gun refueling, the operator select valve cryogenic valves and grease coupling method, the grease job. There are two forged steel valves situation: on the one hand, less fat less grease, sealing surface accelerated wear due to lack of lubricant. On the other hand, excessive grease, resulting in waste. That there is no according to Forged Steel Cryogenic Gate Valve, the valve sealing capacity of different calculations. Can be calculated valve size and type of seal capacity, and then injected into a reasonable amount of grease.

Forged steel valves for cryogenic pressure often overlooked. Operation in the grease, the grease pressure regulated semi ball float steam trap law in peak and valley changes. Pressure is too low, seal leakage or failure of safety valve, the pressure is too high, the injection port valve manufacturers, sealing plug within the lipid hardening or sealing ring and the valve ball, valve plate locking. Usually grease injection pressure is too low, grease into the valve chamber over the bottom, generally occurs in a small gate. The grease flow control valve pressure is too high, hand check insulation valve check greasing the mouth, such as fat remote control float valve hole blocking satisfied feeling spring closed with a condition for replacing the spanner; the other the plunger valve is a lipid hardening, to use the cleaning fluid, repeated failure to soften the seal fat, and injection new grease replacement. In addition, the seal type and sealing materials, also affected the grease seal pressure, different forms have different grease injection pressure, in general, hard sealing grease injection pressure is higher than the soft seal.

Forged steel valves for cryogenic concrete can be classified as forged steel valves, forged steel valves, forged steel valves, forged steel globe valve, forged steel valve, self sealing valve, self sealing valve, sealing check valve, forged steel valves, forged steel insulation valve, forged steel bellows valves etc.

Forged steel globe valve the valve in the switch attention to a problem. Maintenance when the ball valve in the open spaces in general, special circumstances to choose to close maintenance. All other valves can not be punished in order to open spaces. Forged Steel Ball Valve in the conservation must be turned off when, to ensure that the grease seal along the trenches filled with ring, if the open position, sealing grease flow directly into the cavity or valve, resulting in waste. The valve greasing, the grease effect often ignore the problem. Operation pressure grease, grease, the switch position are normal. But to ensure that the valve greasing effect, and sometimes need to open or close the valve, lubricating effect on the inspection, confirmed that the ball valve or gate surface lubrication uniform.

Forged steel check valve should pay attention to the problem of pressure relief valve and a plug of sewage. Pressure test valve, gas valve chamber sealed chamber and the water temperature rises due to step-up, when to conduct the sewage grease relief, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of the grease. Grease the sealing cavity was full of air and water replacement. Vent valve cavity pressure in time, can guarantee the safe use of the valve. After greasing, must tighten drainage and pressure plug, to prevent the accident. The grease, we should pay attention to the issue of fat evenly. Normal grease, the grease outlet distance recent the grease hole first out fat, then to low, and finally the high point, successive fat. If not by law or not fat, prove the existence of plug, Qingtong processing.

Forged steel extended end gate valve observed diameter of valve seat ring flush with the problem. Such as ball valve, open spaces if there is interference, can be adjusted to the open spaces in the stopper, after the lock confirmation straight path. Adjust the limit not only the pursuit of a party on or off position, to consider the overall. If the open position flush, customs are not in place, will cause the valve loose. Similarly, adjusting the relations in place, also want to consider to open a corresponding adjustment. Ensure that the right angle valve travel. The grease, the grease must seal the mouth. To avoid impurities, fat mouth or injection of lipid oxidation, rust proof seal to apply grease, avoid rust. Applications for the next operation

Forged steel cryogenic valves to consider the specific treatment of the order in the next oil transportation problems. In view of the different quality of gasoline and diesel, gasoline should be considered erosion and decomposition. Valve operation in the future, face petrol segment operations, timely replenishment of grease, prevent wear of. The grease, do not ignore the stem parts of the grease. Parts of a sliding sleeve valve shaft or packing, also need to maintain lubrication, to reduce friction during operation, if not to ensure lubrication, the electrical operation torque increase wear parts, manual operation when the switch.

Some ball valve marked with an arrow, if not with English FIOW writing, the direction was sealed seat role, not as a medium flow of information, the valve from the vent in the opposite direction. Typically, two seater with two-way flow valve seal.