High temperature ball valve material and the maximum operating temperature

250 ° or 250 ° above called high temperature ball valve, high temperature ball valves sealing surface material is usually below 250 ° PPL material. 250 ° or more with a hard seal material.

1: high temperature ball valves 250 degrees or less is generally used for ordinary hot water, heating water, steam, oil, food, etc., in the case of operating temperatures higher than 250 ° can be used.
2: the high temperature above 250 ° ball valves would use seal material, the hard seal ball valves WCB degree high temperature resistant to 425 °, hardness coefficient is HRC45-58. The high temperature ball hard seal structure is designed to seal a hard-sided two-seater high temperature ball valve seal. Body made of cast steel (WCB), the ball valves is 2CR13 + nitride (2CR13 + STL), seal made of STL Carbide. Our use of single seal structure: one side with a graphite seal, the other side of the seat and with spring ball to the opposite top, this is designed so that the ball valve opening and closing force of light, and the sealing performance is also very good. So the benefits of the product are: wear resistance, high temperature, switch light, long life.
3: 425 ° high temperature ball valves over the hard seal is a special high temperature, wear-resistant materials to choose WC6 special sealing high temperature ball hard. The maximum temperature capability to 590 ° ,. both sides of the ball valve seat with the spring will make both sides of the seat tightly hugged Globe sealing function. Seal material selection of tungsten carbide, the sphere is spray. Such hardness factor exists between the ball valve seat and ball valve HRC68-72 graphite seal, temperature resistant to 590 ° so hard seal high temperature ball valve benefits are: good sealing performance, high temperature, wear, open and close easily, high temperature hard sealing characteristics of the sealing ball valve is mainly metal seal pair, the advantage of wide temperature range, the thermal expansion coefficients of various metals or less, as long as the selection of properly, can achieve consistent, facilitate the coordination of the deformation temperature difference. The disadvantage is the high material hardness to seal high pressure than necessary, even with preload to seal, but the sealing pressure than the big, wear between the ball valve seat and the ball is also great, and because the metal sealing surface friction coefficient than the large, resulting in a larger ball valve opening and closing moments. Therefore, high temperature ball valve they use elastic sealing deputy, reliable performance, strong elastic compensation capability, wide temperature range, and the floating ball and fixed ball valve are applicable.

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