Several major differences between stainless steel ball valves and butterfly valves

Stainless steel ball valves and butterfly valves are commonly used, are relatively wide range of applications, the biggest difference between the two lies in the structure and working characteristics of the valve.

Main features stainless steel ball valve: 1, flow resistance is relatively small; 2, under greater pressure and higher temperatures, stainless steel flanged ball valves can be completely sealed; 3, cast steel ball valve can be quickly open and close; 4, steel flanges ball valves relatively high corrosion resistance; 5, body symmetry, can effectively withstand pressure pipeline, can deal with a variety of high-voltage vacuum conditions, relatively wide range of applications;

Butterfly valve disc opening and closing parts are turned around, the main features are: 1, simple structure, small size, easy installation; 2, flow resistance coefficient is small, open and close quickly; 3, can be used for large diameter valve; 4, the application of different sealing surface, using a variety of environments, including powder, granular media. Relatively speaking valve seal to be better.