The role of the principle of gate and gate valves

Principle on gate valve, gate valve
First, the gate of the role:
Gate valve, also known as gate or gate valve. It is one of the most commonly used cut-off valve, mainly used to connect or disconnect the tube prostrate in the media, not for regulating media flow. Valve suitable pressure, temperature and diameter range is large, especially for pipe, large diameter.

Second, the gate valve principle:
The valve body with a medium flow and perpendicular to the direction of the gate, when rising or falling gate valve that is opened or closed. Gate valve opening and closing parts of the gate and the seat, in order to ensure that the gate valve does not leak tight when closed, gate valve and seat have been milled. The seat is usually lined with corrosion resistant metal seals, in order to extend the service life of the gate valve seat. The main components are gate valve, valve stem, valve cover, stuffing, sleeve nut, hand wheel.