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Your Location : Home » PRODUCTS » Plug Valve » Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve

Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve

Product name:Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve



Material:WCB, LCB,LCC, WC6,WC9, C5,C12,C12A, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M ect


Operate:Lever, Wormgear, Penumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator


Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve supplier



1.It has logical structure,reliable seal,excelient performance and nice design;

2.It has the structre of flip-chip balanceable pressure and ligh on/off operation;

3.An oil groove is set between valve body and seal surface,which may infuse the seal grease to increase the seal capablility;

4.The paryt material and flange dimension may be selected according to current operating condtion and users that meet the requirements of various engineering.


1.Design and Manufacture:API599,API6D

2.Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34

3.Face to face(end to end):ANSIB16.10

4.End Connection: 2"-24" ASME B16.5; 26" -42" ASME B16.47; B.W end ASME B16.25

5.Test and inspection:API598

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