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Your Location : Home » PRODUCTS » Knife Gate Valve » Non-Rising Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

Non-Rising Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

Product name: Non-Rising Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

Ends: Wafer

Actuator: Hand wheel

Body: Cast steel

Disc: 2Cr13,201,304,316,316L

Temperature: <=120℃

Leakage: Class A

Packing Type: X

Packing seal: PTFE

Media: Coal,Food,Paper Making, Chemical,Pulp,Fiber,Medicine


Its changeable rubber ring knife gate valves. Seal principle mainly through the gate and rubber seals close to achieve the sealing effect .The main features of this structure is that the rubber ring is in the seat on the envelope ladder groove, the seal is locked by metal pressing sets, making ring sealing will not switch off when processing, and if the seals broken, you can remove the metal press kits replace the rubber ring at random, which improves the valve efficiency greatly. It's a cost-effective, high-performance product.

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